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Social Entrepreneurship

The founders believe that women have the economic and community power to dramatically improve the health outcomes of mothers and infants in our local communities and around the world. A percentage of our net profits will go to medical and education philanthropies that make a significant difference in the lives of mothers and infants. We support organizations such as:

Our Community

March of Dimes

Mother and Child Health Coalition


Mercy and Truth Medical Missions

Local Birth Centers

We support the growth and sustainability of licensed birth centers.  New Birth Company Kansas City, Kansas will join accredited birth centers in Kansas & Missouri including:

New Birth Company (Overland Park, KS)

Birth and Wellness Center (St. Louis)

New Birth Company’s fundamental purpose is to transform the birth experience through innovation and women’s economic power.

We offer women and their families a contemporary natural childbirth experience that is safe, beautiful and affordable.  We provide:

At New Birth Company we believe we are in an era of renaissance or “rebirth” of natural childbirth.  We aren’t reverting to the past where women died of untreated complications, but entering a period of “new-birth” where contemporary natural childbirth is revered.  We believe in creative capitalism that competes to provide the best natural childbirth experience for women and their families and passing on the benefits to those less fortunate than us.

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