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Every woman deserves an incredible birth day.

Our Mission

To establish and advance high performing birth centers that give back to the communities they serve.

Our Values

We believe integrity is consistently providing safe, natural childbirth care all the time, every time.   We earn our clients trust by delivering what we promise.   Our motivation is long-term improvements in birth outcomes driven by daily actions.  Our values for our associates, providers and suppliers are detailed in the New Birth Company code of ethics.

We believe excellence is an outcome that can be measured.  We uphold the highest standards of care, national certification, and state licensure where available.  We believe that quality is achieved by on-going evaluation and improvement of our service delivery.  We will learn from our mistakes and from the learning of others.  We believe in high-performing teams, each member working in concert to achieve optimal birth outcomes.

We believe in using our resources well and being good stewards of our bodies, environment and families.  Using natural products and avoiding toxins promotes healthy living, healthy community and healthy environment.  Simply stated, we believe in natural birth.  Less intervention, less materials, less contrived substances, more natural, local products with ingredients we recognize.

We value the birth community.  We support a strong community of birth professionals working together to improve birth outcomes.  We value relationships that connect this community across economic, ethnic, religious, and geographic divides.